Friday, 4 September 2015


reading /    a house in the sky - amanda lindhout & sara corbett - go to your library and get this right meow. SO GOOD.

yearning for /   pumpkins. the leaves to change colors. fall clothes.

loving /   my jaclyn hill x becca cosmetics highlighter. holy crap guys. i'll just say it for you.
#HIGHLIGHTONFLEEEEEK  seriously. go get it now before its gone. 

craving /   this oh so beautiful, and most perfect top that was destined to be in my life from ilycouture. 

watching /   witches of east end - even tho its cancelled i'll never let it go.  once upon a time.  community.

wearing /  this shirt from joe fresh + PINK leggings + amazingly comfy chunky knit cardi from anthro - similar here

feeling /   over the awful sickness that everyone in this house has.

depressed /   ren can now climb in and out of his crib. its a beautiful, but sad thing. beautiful because i don't wake up to his screeching anymore. he just comes into our room and gives me a good morning kiss + snuggle. depressing because he's not a baby anymore! (ugly crying happening rn)

happy /   for the small things in life.

obsessed /   kat von d's lovecraft lipstick. rainy + fall season. honey vanilla chamomille tea. homemade mac + cheese. (recipe coming asap). dried flowers. 

needing /    sleeeeeeeep. mama ain't had none in the past week in a bit. it's driving me a bit cray. thank the heavens for melatonin. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

how to / catch some fruit flies

/ If you are a fruit fly advocate, please turn away. This post ain't for you.
/ If you are dying to rid yourself of these awful creatures from invading your home.. Continue on my good friend.

Can I please get an amen of how S I C K & tired you are of these freaking fruit flies?!

I mean, the other day I sucked one up through my nose! And about destroyed our kitchen with how many there were.


Here's my problem. Ren loves bananas, and peaches, and nectarines, and every other fruit that carries and attracts the flies. I almost don't even want to buy them anymore because of the crazy storm of little blackish flies that engulf my entire kitchen and dining room!

Drives. Me. Cray.

It's like I don't even want to cook dinner because of how many there were.
{Good excuse to not cook though, right? ;) Keagan didn't fall for it though.. ):}

So, one day I was complaining to my Mama about them, and asked how she battled against the swarm.

Then she tells me, "Well, I use Apple Cider Vinegar."
Come again for Big Fudge?

a p p l e  c i d e r  v i n e g a r

K. So, you mean to tell me that the thing that she has been attempting to shove down my throat, FOR YEARS, was the cure for getting rid of these annoyances! ..and lots of other things apparently. 

Then she continues..

"You pour some apple cider vinegar in a small cup or container, and rub a dash of soap on your finger, and run it through the vinegar."

Turns out that the vinegar smells like fruit that is decaying, and the soap is so sticky it captures them, and sends them to their watery grave. Literally.

Genius that woman is.
Why was I such a brat in high school and not listen to her more?

So anyways, down below you'll see a step by step on how to rid yourself of such beasts. And a look "into" the one I am replacing. It is amazing how well this trap works! And the best part is that there are no harsh chemicals, and its all homemade! BOOM. 

Beware. You may gag at the sheer amount you will catch.

You don't want to fill it up so high, but that exactly too low either. So fill it right in the middle.
(Make the proper adjustments to the type of glass you're using as well. I'm using an old Ikea candle holder. I'm a glass horder. It's a sickness. #monkeycoveringeyesemojiinsertedhere)

When I say a "drop" of soap, I literally mean for it to cover the entire tip of your finger. You don't really want to rub it around with your thumb. Just pour it on your finger, than immediately dunk it into the glass and rub it around in the vinegar, and also, around the sides of the glass.

Look, I was being straight up ghetto when I made this because I had no plastic wrap. So I just ripped a side off a Ziplock baggie, and that did the job perfectly.

You can use whatever you like to poke the holes with. I used a small knife. You just want to be able to poke holes big enough for them to fly into, but not fly out. Got it?

This is my favorite step because you are done, and you can just watch them all gather to the edge of the hole, and then finally take the plunge!

This was my 2nd one, and it was finally just finishing up. 
My first one was deeeee-sgus-ting.

And there you have it! A fool proof, no more fruit fly flyin' zone! And I don't have to worry about sucking them up through my nose anymore!

You can place your "Fruit Fly Death Trap" anywhere you'd like. I placed mine where I know they are the most prominent. But I've put them on my counter top, on the top of my fridge, etc. Where ever you're wanting it to be, place it there my friend!

Happy Hunting!

Notes // 

/ It does smell super strong the first day or so. Just know that. But it fades away. Or you just get use to it. Either or.

/ Mine usually lasts about a week or two. Just depends on how many you've caught, or how the soap mixture looks like. If it's super cloudy, or the soap has created huge blobs (and it's been a week), change it! But you can decide for yourself on when you think it's right.

.. I usually forget about it, and change it every week and a half to two weeks. But if your fruit fly problem is SUPER bad, then make two! Or three. I ain't judging. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

o b s e s s i o n s

We moved.

That's pretty much the only explanation I can give as of why NO posts have been showing up over the last month or so. I don't know how families of 4.. 5.. 10+, can do it, and then not want to just curl up in a hole, and sleep for months afterwards. It was dreadful, and awesome at the same time. But now it's over now, and things are becoming a lot more stable, and settled. YES.

 & ps. i am in sweet love with our new place. 
if you want a walk through of it, telllll me, and i'll make a video.

Now time for some beautiful obsessions! A couple (actually, just one) that are off of my pinterest board that I want, and ones I do have and want to share their amazing-ness.

o b s e s s i o n s  //

a. so this is my first actual set of the real technique beauty / core collection beauty brushes, and I gotta say they don't disappoint. I more so use the contour, and powder brush, but the foundation and concealer brush are just as awesome. What I love most about the contour brush is how it makes my bronzer look on my face, and how precise it is. LOVE. The powder brush I more so use as my liquid foundation brush, and for my cream blushes. I love the air brush looks that it gives me when everything is all set in. Brilliant creations these are.

b. ugh, who does love Kate Spade?! I seriously can't get over how cute all of her phone cases, wristlets, purses, glasses.. everything is. I swoon every time I collect something of hers. I have something else from her that I'll show next week ;) Keagan got me it when my last w a l l e t was stolen straight outta my stroller during this past Christmas. It made me losing gift cards, my ID, some cash, my favorite lipstick, etc. all worth it.

c. BLAKES RED. OMGOSH YOU GUYS. I can't get enough. I have been trying to find the perfect red lipstick for me for a LONG time, and I haven't been able to get the exact shade I have been looking for. I don't know what it is, but every red lipstick I've tried has made me look blotchy, like a not so attractive 80s wannabe.. just yuck. You know what I mean? And come on ladies, every woman needs that one damn good red lipstick. And I've finally found it. Thank you, Blake Lively! You beautiful woman you.

d. aight guys, imma get real for you for a sec. I have been searching for a good water purifier that wasn't stupid expensive FOREVER. I'm so sick of my Brita jugs always breaking, and the filters black beads falling through into my water, and their product just NOT lasting after I've spent 50+ bucks on a supposedly really "good one". It was driving me crazy. But I've finally found the one I love. Zero Water, folks. I got the 10-cup jug, and I am soooo happy with it. It even comes with a water dispenser on the back of it, which makes my life easier. The one thing that I didn't like about mine at first, is that when I poured water out of the top it didn't seem to have any controlled flow to it, so the first time I poured water out of it, it kinda splashed on my counter. But now I have the tricks to use it down, so now more spilling! But seriously, check it out.

e. i am obsessed with all things blue, turquoise, teal, mint, etc. I love it. I can't get enough of it. But sadly, this is the one I don't have. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I do have a similar one, and it is a beautiful shade, don't get me wrong, but it's not quite as bright as this beautiful Nars one, but I still dig it.

brushes    /    i phone six case  {another one of mine here}  /    lipstick    /    water filter    /     nail polish      

and as per usual, i leave you with this hilarious me-me that i can't get over. i cry laughing every time i see it.

pinterest  /  kayy_sue


ps // this isn't an ad, at allif it was, i would tell you.
these are products i have found, and loved,  and wanted to share them with you.
i would never tell you something that i didn't like, or wouldn't use myself, just to gain a profit.
that's not who i am.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I'm Breaking Up With My Clothes.

Today, I had a bit of a breakdown. It wasn't over something serious. No. It was over my... clothes. Funny how something so trivial, can make you feel like you're the Flea (Kuzco) inside the box that Yzma is going to "smash with a hammer". Try not saying that in her voice because I definitely couldn't. The flea being my self-esteem.

So, there I sat. In our room, among all of our clothes that were lying in a pile on the floor. Crying because I hate all of them. All these freaking clothes, and nothing fits, or feels right. They are itchy. Or stretched out. Or too small. Or too big. Or just aren't me anymore.

I gave birth to Renner a little over 2 years ago, and still my clothes don't fit right. I've bought some here and there that make me feel pretty, or I think look good. But usually they were a quick grab off the rack when browsing with the kid, and didn't have time to try it on. And not to mention that half the clothes I do have are from my high school days, and let's be honest, my body ain't near the same as those days haha. Mama's got a whole new frame now.

Let me be quite clear though. This isn't an "I hate my body" post. So don't get that confused. I do quite love my body. With all of it's imperfection, and curves. I always have. Are there things I wish I could change? Of course. Could the booty be a little tighter? Sure. But that's what those squats are for. Unfortunately, I just love to not do them.

So, as I sat in the pile of our clothes, having an ugly crying/poor me sesh, I came to the conclusion to just  g e t   r i d   o f   t h e m. I have this weird.. not obsession, but attachment? Yeah, attachment, to all my clothes. I can't bear the thought of getting rid of a single piece. What if one day I remembered that one shirt that I haven't worn in over a year, and finally had the occasion to wear it? That day hasn't come yet, but I'm just sayin', it could.

But now I think I've finally reached my limit. I'm tired of feeling like I have nothing to wear, but have this giant pile of clothes. I actually hate that feeling.

Now I'm just going to sort through them, and decide which ones get the boot, or the hanger. The ones that I am getting rid of I'll bring to Goodwill, or to a consignment store, and hopefully get something in return for those, since we don't have an unlimited supply of funds to update my entire wardrobe.

It's in these moments that I actually feel like I'm growing up. I will still mourn the loss of the ones that I wish I could of had a more exclusive relationship with, but it was time for me to move on to better, prettier, and more comfortable things.

Here's to hoping that the husband takes pity on me, and funds me a shopping trip. New clothes for the wife equals happy life, right?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

weekly obsessions

/  c a r a m e l  a p p l e  m i n i  d o n u t sRemember these that I mentioned in my Nair Post? Okay, well can I tell you how amazing they were? Because they were. Someone should give this woman a friggin' metal for how beautiful this recipe was. A+ good woman. I was proud to re-create these in my home.
* I didn't put the pretzels in them, and I did make my own buttermilk with milk and lemon juice, and it was perfect.
But really, her blog is sooo good, and filled with the most delicious recipes. 

/  l' o r e a l  h a i r  m a s k. I might be new to getting on this train, but holy. I'm hooked. It's amazing. They had a few different options but I just grabbed the Total Repair 5. They do have other kinds for specific things (color protection, volume, re-nutrition, etc.), but I chose this one because my hair is damaged. And I'm in sweet, sweet love. It has completely transformed my hair. Whenever I would braid my hair, before I used this, it would get all wispy, and thin at the end of the braid. But after using it only 3 times, 3 TIMES GUYS, it has gotten noticeably thicker, the color has gotten brighter and shinier, it's become stronger, and looks healthier overall. Which is a feat with how much I've dyed, and damaged it. Especially from straighteners. Thank you 16 year old self. Really though, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new to freshen up those beautiful locks.

/  m a y b e l l i n e  m a s t e r  c o n c e a l e rI was in the market for a new concealer, but I wanted to be cheap about it. So I went on a hunt for a cheap drugstore one, that gave amazing coverage as a pricey one. And I FOUND IT. It's so amazing guys. These dark circles I gots since becoming a mama is a bit ridic. I'm a vibrant, young mama, and wife! I ain't supposed to be lookin' like Voldemort is walking down the street. There are children present. Good grief! But, it's been a bit of a gong show trying to find one that covers them, and isn't super pricey. But here it is! This one covers them beautifully. And I no longer look like the Dark Lord. Win win.

/  e a s y  s u m m e r  b u nSometimes I wish I could see the front of their hair in these pictures so they aren't left up to my imagination. It just doesn't validate my reasons to be lazy guys. That's really what the problem is. But I will just sit here, and dream about what could be..

/  d i y  m o d e r n  d r e a m c a t c h e r. I always said that I would get a tattoo of one when I got older. That obviously never happened. Nor will. But dreamcatchers were my and my Dad's favorite thing. I always would get nightmares as a kid, and into my teenage years, (probably from being allowed to watch It & Killer Clowns From Outer Space when I was 6, but yah know)  and my Dad would always tie a piece of my hair around my dreamcatcher, and put a golden safety pin (his signature thing) on it. And I will always swear to this day on how much they helped me. Be it our Native blood, or wonders of will power they worked. I love them. And I love this memory of him. I still have one to this day, and so does Ren. But I want to make one kind of like this for him.

I am though superly (yes,its a word) addicted to her blog. It sings to me. It will probably sing to you too.

/  And to end it on a funny note because I'm pretty sure I'm trying to set the record of how many times I can re-wash towels that have been sitting in my dryer for the past few days.

it may not be the weekend, but it is the middle of the week.
figured you might need a pick me up.
and i am kinda overdue on this...
in my defensive i had nair attack me.
and just crazy things go down.
like my internet being down, and having the telus guy come out
every. single. week.
because it kicks off ALL THE TIME.
..but i'm not bitter. 

anyways, as always, you rock my obsessive homies.

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